In RI, assessment is an important aspect of teaching and learning through which we gather information on each student's progress and achievement.  To balance the need for assessment and the student's well-being, we do not conduct more than one Weighted Assessment (WA) per subject per term and we also do not have any Mid-Year examinations.  RI also has a system of Formative Assessment (FA) to provide specific and timely feedback to support the student's learning.


RI uses the Grade Point (GP) grading system where a student receives a GP between 0 and 4.0 depending on his achievement level in the subject.  At the end of the year, the overall academic achievement of the student is reflected in the Grade Point Average (GPA).  We recently revised our GPA such that the GPA is computed as an average of 6 subjects across the disciplines, and not all the subjects a student takes.  This allows our students more space to discover his joy of learning rather than to be fixated on having to perform well in every subject.