Yes, you may apply for up to 2 talent areas in different domains for RI. 

For example:

  • Mathematics (Academic Domain) & Badminton (Sports Domain)
  • Badminton (Sports Domain) & Tennis (Sports Domain)
  • Science (Academic Domain) & Music (Music/Visual Arts Domain)
  • English Language (Academic Domain) & Leadership & Character (Leadership Domain)

In this case, you may be shortlisted for both talent areas, if found suitable.

However, do take note that for RI, we strongly recommend that you choose only one talent area within the Academic domain. This means you should apply for either English Language, Malay Language, Mathematics, or Science, but not for two of these talent areas together. The reason is that when you apply for any talent area in the Academic domain, we will assess your results and achievements in other subjects as well. Therefore applying for two talent areas within the Academic domain might not be useful, as you will only be considered for one talent area for the Academic Selection Test if you are shortlisted.