Yes.  You may apply for up to TWO talent areas for DSA to any one school.

However, for RI, we strongly recommend you do not apply for more than one talent area in the Academic Domain.  This means that you should apply for DSA in English OR Mathematics OR Science, but not in two of these subjects.  The main reason is that when you apply for one Academic talent area, we will also look at your results/accomplishments for your other subjects as well.  While we cannot stop you from applying for two academic talent areas in MOE’s portal, it will simply be a waste of your choice as we will (if you are shortlisted) only offer you one selection test/interview in the academic talent area in the end.

You may apply for TWO talent areas in or across other domains. (Examples: Leadership & Mathematics, Swimming & Science, Rugby & Leadership, Music & Mathematics, etc).  In this case, you may be shortlisted for both talent areas if found suitable.